Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine, You COLOR my Heart Happy!


I'm hooked on making crayons!  After we made those Little People Crayons for Christmas gifts, I've been  itching to make some more....and what a PERFECT time:

These were made with silicone cupcake holders, and I actually experimented with both Crayola brand and a generic version.  If I had to choose, I would pick crayola, hands DOWN! The colors don't mix as easily.
But, there's a TRICK to make some GORGEOUS crayons with a less expensive brand.
(You know how I'm all about pinching some pennies ;)

Keep the crayons in BIGGER pieces.  In fact, I didn't break them in less than thirds.
Also, the generic brand will not take as long to melt.
So, at 250 degrees, only bake them for 10 minutes before you check on them....the crayola crayons ended up taking almost 15 minutes.

For the Valentine's...
Samantha just wanted to let her friends know that they

Hope Your day is FULL of LOVE!


  1. Super Cute! Mom wanted to make them with the daycare kids but I couldn't find the cupcake ones! I could only find the ice cube ones at Target.

  2. I was responsible for "small gifts" for Baby Girl's Valentine party this year. We made heart shaped crayons and homemade playdoh (we put into small plastic conversation hearts).

    For Baby Girl's Valentine's, we made rings with pipe cleaners and Hershey kisses.

    For the crayons, the thing I hated most...removing the wrappers. It did get easier once I got smart enough to score the paper.

  3. 1. Great minds think alike! Natalie did the same Valentine's for her preschool classmates ... except hers said, "Happy Valentine's Day for 'crayon' out loud!" :)

    2. Where did you get your mold? Mine was not so great ...



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