Monday, March 5, 2012

28 Weeks: the Somersaulting Eggplant

How do you think it feels to have an Eggplant in your tummy?
Now imagine it turning around....and around...and around....I'm not talking about the rotation of it around the axis....I'm talking tumbling end over end, sideways, diagonal....with arms and legs.....
Not comfortable.

Wondering how I've been feeling as of late with Number 3 in the womb?
That pretty much sums it up! :)

The beginning of the 3rd Trimester has got me a little worried.  I've become EXTREMELY uncomfortable over just the past week :(  Which FREAKS my freak since I have 12 more weeks to go!

Walking has slowed. 
Breathing has quickened. 
Contractions have become a part of my everyday when I walk up stairs or push too hard.
I'm pretty sure I need to get more rest.
I don't think there is any room left in my belly for this baby to grow. 
People comment from across the room when they see this "little" munchkin roll and my stomach begins to mimic a scene from Alien
Food fills me up fast---gives me heartburn.

And my eggplant looks like this:

This is so funny.  Randy took 6 pictures, and they all looked different....Baby moves SO MUCH!


  1. Yeah my 3rd one was quite active my whole pregnancy. His seemed to just go nuts in the last trimester course I had gall bladder issues as well that may have been part of it. See if my baby belly had been that cute I might have taken pics of mine back in the day... but the first one had left stretch marks out the wahzoo.

  2. I hope that the pain and contractions stop so you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy!! Thanks for the book btw...I have been meaning to e-mail you and just keep running out of time!! :)

  3. Oh boy, sounds as if you may not make it to the end! Hang in there and drink lots and lots and LOTS of water. :)

  4. I remember contractions through out most of my trimester for both #3 and #4. I held #4 to term. #3 was 4 weeks early, but still came in at a whopping 6lbs 4oz (can't imagine how big she would of been had she made it to term).

    You should of posted the 6 shots so we could praise your acrobat ;)



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