Tuesday, March 20, 2012

30 week Ultrasound

We got another peek at Number 3 this week!
If you didn't know already, because of Samantha's very small size...I've been getting regular growth checks with my babies since I was 20 weeks along with her.

Cashton always measured BIG...

And Number 3 is starting to follow in his footsteps.
At 30 weeks 4days, the ultrasound estimated closer to 32 weeks, and approximately:
3 lbs. 13oz.
give or take a pound. (love the accuracy) hehe

I did, however, get photographic proof of a few things.

We've got another snuggler
Baby's face was snuggled right up against my placenta....looks like Sam and Cash with their blankies!
....on a side, but very important note too, they checked the position of my low-lying placenta:
It's officially up-graded to just a plain ol' placenta.
All systems go for Vaginal Delivery!

and super FUN discovery number 2:
Baby Number 3 has HAIR...and LOTS of IT!

The ultrasound tech was pretty impressed by the amount...she said that's a LOT of hair for only 30 weeks!
It didn't surprise me any....have you read about all my HEARTBURN!?!?!
Both of our other kiddos had hair we could see via ultrasound too, and they came out with mops of black hair.  (just like I did) :)

We'll get one more LOOK-SEE in 6 more weeks at my 36 week check.
Doctor is hoping we deliver around 38 weeks to give me a good 7 pounder....
or else we're looking at closer to a NINER or more if we go all the way.
I have no intentions of being induced, so that's all in God's Hands....I mean, He's the One who's brilliant idea it was for this pregnancy anyway, right?  Let Him figure it out!  ;)


  1. Girl, you're making my uterus twitch! Cannot wait to hear the news and the name ... in like two more months! Love from the NW!

  2. Oh my goodness LOVE the hair picture! All of our kids had dark hair too and it all fel out and came back brown or blonde! But I haven't ever seen it on an US pic before!! So cool.

    Take great care of yourself the next few weeks! My sister has about 8 weeks left so you may have babes around the same time!! :)

  3. a wee bit jealous about the quality of ultra sound these days ;)

    looks like another keeper

  4. Cute!! :) So great to hear things are going well - hope the next few months fly by for you!

  5. I had bald babies, so the hair sonogram is really cool to me! I can't believe you're this far along already.



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