Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 Minute Bow Tie

It's been said millions of times...."There just isn't that much cute stuff out there to make for boys!"
Well, I've got something to say about that.
It's easy to find dresses and skirts and pretty ruffly goodies for all the little girls.
But, boys are a little bit harder.
Frankly, I think that's okay...because they don't need TOO much extra to give them that,
"I wanna take a bite right out of your adorable little cheeks" look.

Most of Cashton's Easter outfit is store bought....but I HAD to make him this super cute...super quick Bow Tie I found here.  Her tutorial is SO easy to follow, and so fast.  Go there.  Tell Liz she's awesome for me!

 As the title says, it took me all of 10 minutes to make the Bow Tie.
Then, here's a little behind the scenes blog secret.
I threw his Easter shirt on right over his outfit for the day and let him run outside for 10 minutes.

That's all it takes to get some Blog-worthy shots, folks!

Now, Daddy is Anti-Bow Tie....but,seriously, how can you say no to this face?


  1. I can't believe you can get him to wear a hat, none of my kids would wear them at that age.



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