Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mama's got a Brand New Diaper Bag!

Isn't it FUN?!?!

I thought, "I'm completely and totally uncomfortable...with a LOAD of things to do before this baby comes--not to mention all the day-to-day tasks that are virtually impossible to accomplish with my state of mobility and 2 crazy children to chase waddle after....I should really sew myself a New Diaper Bag.  Oh, and not any old bag...a super involved and time-consuming sewing project of a bag."

So that's what I did.
Never question the reasoning of a 9-month pregnant woman.
It's a strange, sad, strange world in that head...

First I had to pick out a pattern.
You know how I feel about paying for such things...
I found this FREE Tutorial from Warehouse Fabrics and dove right in.

The 3 main fabrics are purchased from Hobby Lobby.:
Orange Circles, Orange Damask, and the Rainbow Stripes(seen as inside pockets)
The other two fabrics I had in my stash for a LOONG time.

Here's one of the interior view.  One side of the divider panel has gathered pockets:

The other side has Straight Pockets.
This tutorial was GREAT!  Easy to follow.  The only thing I changed from it was I added a second set of magnetic snaps to close it.
This sucker is BIG!

Don't believe me?

Ask Cashton!

I figure...if he can fit we can definitely get a Newborn Baby in there!
I mean, with 3 kids, I'm gonna NEED an extra set of hands!

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  1. Of course you sewed a diaper bag while 9 months prego. I dropped closet doors off a 2nd story balcony to my girlfriend so we could paint them for the nursery. Because the needed it, you know... ;)

    And holy growing kid! Cashton is huge!! What a little cutie.

  2. I love this!! Now you are going to have to add this to your shop!! :)

  3. Wow, how he has grown...and where the heck did these nine months go?

    Love the bag.



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