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Sewing Club: Stitch By Stitch Intro

Welcome to the 1st week of:

As previously discussed, we are going to start by working through
Deborah Moebes' Stitch By Stitch

The assignment for this first week was to read through the Intro and answer the Self-Reflection Questions on Page 16 & 17.


My Sewing History
This was honestly what made me fall in love with this book....well, more like the author.  Her story seems so similar to mine.  As long as I can remember, my mother was sewing us clothes.  In fact, her sewing journey started when she was 11 years, needlesstosay, by the time I was born, she knew what she was doing.
I never thought seewing was "outdated" or for "older people"  I just felt like God didn't grant me the patience for such a task.  I remember my mom trying to teach me on many occassions, but it just never stuck.  I think when you have been sewing for such a long time, it's harder to teach the basics to a a way they will understand.  Added to that, the method in which I learn best is figuring it out on my own.  Guess my brain just needs to work through it till I get there.
All that being said.  I feel like my real journey with sewing didn't truly begin until about 2.5 years ago:  I started this blog.
It had absolutley NOTHING to do with Sewing.
I started blogging as an information outlet to our HUGE keep them updated on our lives.  (Samantha was one and a half)
In sharing our lives, I ended up inlcuding many of my craft projects.
This opened up my world to the zillions of Creative Blogs out there....and what shocked me was there was this new crop of young moms making AMAZING things with their trusty sewing machines! 
I was enamored.
Somehow, the way they explained it clicked.  It sounded so easy.  So, I jumped right into online tutorials and started making Samantha clothes.  My mom thought I was a nut.  Apparently, I skipped a lot of steps in the "Sewing Learning Rule Book".  So, while I was making things....I don't think I was doing it the right way.  I find myself getting frustrated.  My mom and I often have opposite ways of creating the same thing.  It's actually quite amusing.
And this is why I want to start over, so to speak.  I want to re-learn to sew...perhaps I'l find easier ways to do it....maybe I'll learn something new...maybe I'll get over the Fear of putting a needle straight thorugh my finger.  (I've seen my mom do that more than once :O

My Inspiration
My hubby asked me the other day, "What's your Dream Job?"  Honestly, if I could create things for a living, I would be in heaven.  There's nothing I love more than making our children an outfit or accessory and having them look so cute.  Or giving a handmade gift.  (Cuz I know that receiving them is just about the most AMAZING feeling ever)
On top of that, I have an addiction to fabric.  The colors.  The prints. It may be a little unhealthy.

Because I have already semi-learned to goals are basically to BETTER my skills (espeically the finishing).
I'd like to make more things for myself and my family.

Three Specific Things I'd like to accomplish by the end of this book:
1. Make garments for myself.
2. Make more decor items for our new home
3. Master the basic techniques of sewing.

And the ONE project that is on my TO-DO that I MUST move to the TA-DONE List:
A Cover of our Lov-Sac
(those things cost over $200 if you buy them, yo!)

I can't wait to hear about your History (or lack thereof) in Sewing AND more importantly what you hope to learn on this journey!

Here's how we're going to discuss:
I have enabled the "reply" feature right in the comments section of the blog, so every Sewing Club post we will be able to talk to each other.
If you DO have a blog....PLEASE post every week and blog along with me.  
(You can always Create a blog for free too.)
If you don't want to can always just email me pics of what you've made, and I can share them with everyone.

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Tomorrow I will announce the assignment for next week...
For now, link up your WEEK ONE assignment below

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  1. Thanks so much for recommending the book! I got the Kindle version tonight and started reading it right away! You and Deborah both seem so eager to teach "me" to sew! I'm excited. I also got my sewing machine re set up and have my tools within easy reach! My goal - to finish (and to do it happily and not be frustrated) my king size quilt! I also want to make some pajama pants for me, hubby and grand kids! And learn to make ruffles and complete skirts for the girls!



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