Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 2: Tools & Materials

Welcome to Week 2 of:

We are discussing Chapter 2 of Deborah Moebes'


This chapter was super informative!
I love that Deborah broke it down into what she feels you definitely should have for basic tools...and then expanded on the "don't really need them, but are nice to have" stuff.
With many "tricks of the trade" though, people will disagree.
So I can't wait to hear what you "Can't Live Without".....and "What you threw out your 2nd story window in disgust because you couldn't get the darn thing to work the way you wanted it to".

Here's what I have found:
GOTTA have a super sharp pair of scissors.  So, my second AWESOME tool is my $2 scissor sharpener.  Makes that baby slice like the day it was born!
Use it OFTEN!  I totally agree with can even fix some sewing blunders....

Out of her "Essentials"   I have used and enjoy only one!
This made me laugh out loud.
I mean, here I am sewing up a little storm....without what someone else considers essential.
Also, this proves a very important point.
I use a disappearing ink pen for marking fabric.  (Sometimes I can't find it though...and use one that doesn't disappear...I'm such a rebel!)
I've tried a Seam Ripper...and HATE IT!  My mom always just used a tiny, sharp-pointed scissors and cut every few stitches and pulled.  This is one thing we are on the SAME page with.  Every time I've used a seam ripper, it frustrated me more than helped.
As for the seam guide, seam gauge, and hem guide....never seen 'em before.  Never used 'em.  Probably another hazard of having a mom that has sewn her whole life.  Also, she doesn't pin a whole lot.
I'll tell you, though, you are gonna want a Measuring Tape, Thread,  EXTRA Bobbins, and a Pin Cushion for all those Pins....

As for the remaining items Deborah discusses....the only ones I have and use is the Rotary Cutter and cutting Mat.  Especially when I cut smaller sized fabrics (say for quilting) 

I Did, however, just purchase a Bias Tape Maker.  I've made my own without it, and I'm pretty sure this will be a useful little gadget.

So, LET me have it!
What are Your Favorite Tools?
Anything you'd like to try that you haven't yet?
Think I'm crazy about what I haven't been using?

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