Monday, July 9, 2012

Georgia: 2 months old

Does this shirt make me tummy look big?!?!

I have to start watching what I say....poor Georgia's going to get a complex if I keep calling her Budda, Chunky Monkey, Tank, and Chubba Wubba....but COME ON!
At 2 months old...LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!  and THOSE THIGHS!!!!
She's got rolls everywhere!
She's growing up WAAAAAY to Fast! 
Already holding her head up when she has tummy time.
VERY Alert too!

I mean, you gotta be if you're gonna keep up with those big kids always in your face!

Well, at least she's having a good time!

We don't have her Well Check until Tuesday of this week...
so I don't have all her STATS...
I can tell you though:
Those are 3-6 month clothes she's wearing, and as you can see, she fills them out quite nicely.


  1. Such a cutie!! Chunky babies are the best :)

  2. I love those thighs!!!!! Is she getting ticklish yet when you squeeze them???

  3. I had a big baby like her and loved him. So fun to hold and squish!

  4. Can we save the cheeks, for kisses always!



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