Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Painting Extravaganza: Urban Organic

Are you as addicted to HGTV as our household?!?!

I can't get enough of all the inspiration that network hands out!  And I am ever so grateful that after a FULL year in our new house, one commercial finally spoke to me!

Leave it to David Bromsted!  Have you seen the little blurbs for HGTV's new HOME Color collections?  Well, I did...and I immediately set out for the paint store to get more ideas. 
These color collections are GENIUS! 
Our home isn't completely "open concept", but many of the first floor rooms lead into each other with large walkways....so the flow is very open.
From the kitchen, you can see half the living room....from the living room, you see the front entrance and office area....and from the office area you see back into the kitchen....get it?
So, we needed colors that complimented each other.
That's where these Color Collections helped A LOT!
The only thing I knew for sure is I wanted a Green Kitchen.
a BRIGHT green kitchen.

And I found that in the Urban Organic Set!
After that, they did all the searching for me.....every color in this set complements each other....
So, we just had to pick!

our Kitchen is the Melange Green (as seen above)
Our Living Room has the Melange Green,
Luau Green, Crisp Linen, and Urbane Bronze

I EVEN Painted the Fireplace TILES! 

And......the Office Accent walls are Bold Brick:

Oh, and did I mention we did almost all that painting in 2 days?
I'm crazy.
But it wouldn't have gotten done if we didn't have a deadline...
and if we didn't have help from my Father-in-Law. (Thank you!)

I'm super excited to show you the finished spaces....
But I'm going to be a bit of a tease.
Each room has lots of little projects in it that I might have to blog about first....leading up to the BIG ROOM Reveal....
So, where do you want to start first?
The Kitchen?
The Office?
The Living Room?

I think I'll go with the Kitchen....
since I've already showed you our "New" Chandelier....


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  1. I love the green for the kitchen! Can't wait to see it :)



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