Friday, August 3, 2012

Become a Facebook Fan! LIKE ME...please...

Yes, I've finally stepped into 2003 and got this blog on Facebook.
I'm Lame-o, I know.
This is my first gift to you for sticking with me over the past 3 years in this Blogspot.
Do you feel special?
I hope so!

SO, WHY now?
I know many non-bloggers out there don't get the whole "follow me" on my blog idea....or commenting...or even what a blog is....and let's face it, you are my main audience.  So, I figure, almost everyone "gets" Facebook this will just make it a little easier to keep up with my posts.  Make sense?

Not that I'm all techno-savvy...
To be perfectly honest, never take my advice on advancing technology.  I'm very resistant to new things.  I was pretty proud of myself resisting MySpace back in it's hey-day....and when this Facebook thingy came around, I got an account, but never used it....oh, foolish me.  I'll tell you though, when I helped plan our 5 year high school reunion back in 2006, it was heavenly!
I digress.
Here's a little insight into my great judgement:
Compact Discs...resisted.
MP3 players.....still resisting...
Digital cameras....resisted.
Publishing a Facbook Page for my Blog.....Resisted.

Do you see a theme here?

Obviously, Number One....don't ever trust my judgement when it comes to next technology wave.  Unless, of course, you see me resisting it.  Then, it's a pretty sure bet that it's going to be BIG!
Number Two. enventually, I give in to peer pressure.....I mean, I want you to like me! :)

Actually, my friends.  I live for you to like me.  :) And that means, I'll only truely believe you like me if you take the time to go over to the Book of Faces and LIKE my Page. K?

Awesome.  Oh yeah...and tell your friends about it too, would ya?  :)  K, thanks.  That's all.  MUAH!!!

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