Thursday, August 9, 2012

Georgia: Three Months Old

Three Months Old.
Threes Months of Crazy Fun Lovin' on our "Little" Peach!

You may have noticed...she's very healthy. LOL!  I don't have an exact weight for you, but since she weighed in at 15 pounds a whole MONTH ago....I would be surprised if she was pushing 20. :) LOVE IT!  Today we dug out the 6-9month clothes.  I was getting a little tired of the constant diaper blow-out from those 6 month onesies being too tight!
Miss Georgia has found her fists!  And they taste SO good!  I mean, I want to nibble on those mitts!

Isn't this the greatest fabric ever?  I'm recovering our "new" patio chairs with it :)
Seriously, look at those cute little lips!
She is mostly sleeping through the night....I say mostly, because the last couple nights have been a little rough.  Pretty sure it's that 3 month growth spurt...I don't know.  I have been telling her she can't get any bigger.  She needs to stay my little baby forever.  She's not listening.  :(

I guess if I had to sum up Georgia in a word, it would be Content.  I've heard this word used by 5 separate people in the just the last week alone.  That's what you get for being the 3rd child.  You're either constantly entertained by your siblings....or you're just happy to finally be left alone!  LOL!  With Sam & Cash, there is definitely no shortage of love!

Wouldn't it be cute if I took a picture of all three kiddos?  Yeah, my mom tries to get me to do this all the time.  Wanna see how that turns out?

At least we know she's LOVED!

and She's Growing!!


  1. She is scrumptious! I must meet her and snuggle her! And Cash is so stinkin' cute - watch out, ladies! Love seeing all three of them together ... in all their candid glory!

    1. Oh my goodness! You have no idea with Cashton....he kisses every little girl he sees!



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