Friday, August 31, 2012

Guest Post at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me

HOLY SMOKES!  I have to apologize to you and to Ms. Kimberly...I sent my guest post over to her and have been patiently waiting for her to publish it so I could tell you all about it, and you could go visit her and tell her how cool she is for not only organizing a RIDICLOUS Handmade Gift Round-Up MONTH (and inviting me to join her), but for just being AMAZINGLY Talented and Crafty....and Hilarious...and just plain ol' AWESOME!
But, guess what?  I TOTALLY MISSED IT!  She posted it on Sunday!  Ugh.  I have let you down, my friends.

So, I want you to go RIGHT now and visit my Guest Post on some of my Favorite Wedding Gift Ideas...
Then troll around her whole GIFT it GOOD Series and get inspired to handmake something for your next gift-giving event.

While you're there....Tell her I sent you...and she's THE BEST!  MMM-Kay? 

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