Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's NOT Just a Veggie Tray!

 Okay, so how many of you have a Veggie Tray like this?
It's AWESOME for parties....but how many of those do you really have? 
We just had Sam's Birthday party last week, so I got it out of the back of my Tupperware cupboard and filled it with veggies.
Pretty exciting, huh?
Well, I had an AHA Moment with it today.
And this is were it comes in handy to be lazy and leave things sitting out on your counter...
I was making lunch, and I glanced over and saw this:
The cover that goes with the divided tray...
Instead of putting it away like I should have to make room for the cutting board I was going to get out...I just used it as one!!!!
And the MOST PERFECT part about that:
Self-contained Cutting Board & Garbage Bowl IN ONE!!!
Now, I'd stick strictly to Fruits and Veggies...but, can you imagine how wonderful it's going to be when I cut a Watermelon?!?!?
I'm So Excited!
it's the little things, people...
***This post was in NO way sponsored or endorsed by Tupperware.  I do not sell Tupperware.  Frankly, I prefer glass.  Just Sayin'

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