Friday, August 24, 2012

Our "NEW" Patio Set

This Might be my MOST Favorite-est Redo yet!

I was patient, thrifty, and determined to get a FABULOUS Patio Set for as little MOOLAH as possible without it being a piece of Crap-o-la.
I can't tell you how hard it was to wait.
But, I'm going to try :)  Cuz it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Let me begin by reminding you we moved into our House Last year in July.  It's now 13 months later, and we just now have a place to sit outside besides a blanket and some lawn chairs :) 

You can do this too!  With a little patience, and a bit of luck.  (and I don't think it will even be that hard now, espeically with summer coming to a close)
I found our table at a consignment shop for $18.  It looked like this:

1 Can of Metallic Spray Paint Later...

Now for the chairs....a few days of watching Craigslist, and I found these:
Actually it was a set of 4 of these swivel chairs and 2 standing chairs...all 6 for $75.
The only problem with them was, many of the cushions were worn or damaged, and all of them were faded.

I attempted to recover them in multiple ways.  The first one, I carefully cut all the stitches so I could have a "pattern" to go off of to cut out the new fabric.
This is what all the good little craft bloggers will tell you to do.
Well, my hatred for patterns transcends all things.  Even re-upolstering!
So, my short cut to this:
Lay out your fabric, and put your cushion on top.
 This will also give you a perfect image of what your cushion will look like once sewn together. (you can make sure the pattern is exactly where you want it)
You are going to cut it just wide enough so you can sew the sides together (wrong sides facing each other) and get a tight fit.
Next, in the corners, open up your pocket and sew a triangle on the upper corners of your fabric.
When you turn the pocket right sides out, you'll have a square corner on top of your cushion.
Then I just stuffed the filling inside the pocket I made and had-stitched the bottome closed.

Each of the cushions also had little velcro tabs on them to hodl the cushion to the chair.
instead of making new ones... (HOW TIME comnsuming woudl that be?!?!)
I just cut off the old ones and used them.
It actually looks even better becasue they are a dull color and blend in with the metal chair better tha BRIGHT orange would.

 The Finish Result:
 I know what you're thinking...all that fabric must have set me back.
Well, JoAnn ALWAYS has good sales, and even having to buy 10 yards of outdoor fabric (which I got on sale for a total of $86)
This whole project cost me:
Roughly $187
Have you seen the prices of Patio Furinture?
Or what made my jaw drop...
The price of Replacement Cushions?
(Even for cheapo cushions...they were $38/chair..that's $228 JUST for the cushions!)
So, basically, what I'm getting at..
it PAYS to Re-Do!

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  1. Wow I can't believe those chairs came from Craig's List, they look amazing now. I need to do this with our outdoor cushions (the squirels are eating away at them). But it seems like a huge job?

  2. Love it B!!! What an amazing transformation. So, if I need new cushions you'll sew them for me? : )

  3. wow! everything looks great. Gotta love a great deal.
    I'm confused about your cushion (non) pattern. Having a hard time wrapping my brain around it...


  4. I need you to move to the NW ... like tomorrow. And I am very serious about that! This patio set looks gorgeous!



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