Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tissue Puff Ball Decor

This is one of those posts where you go, "I've seen that before..."
 But this is WHY I blog.
Have you tried making one?
It's not as simple as it looks.
Well, it is simple....
You just need to know the little tricks.

First of all....You should use the WHOLE package of Tissue Paper,
MORE if you plan on making a LARGE ONE.
(I tried to skimp...and it doesn't look right)

The ones I made are smaller, like 8 inches in diameter.
I cut the paper in half first.
Fold accordion style

Tie a string around the center tight.

Cut the ends...either a round cut or'll get a different look with each

Then carefully peel them apart.
The Puff Ball on the Left has pointed ends, the Right one is rounded.

Have you made these before?
Did you get the larger ones to work?
I'd love to make bigger ones...and not waste anymore paper doing it!


  1. Use to make smaller ones. Never saw them bigger, cool ides

  2. I made these for NHV's Pink Princess Cooking Party ... and hung them from the covered part of our deck - it looked magical! Love that a little tissue paper can make a room seems "magical" :)



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