Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall TV Line-Up

My obsession with Television Shows is unhealthy.  I know.  But it is what it is.
Are you looking forward to watching anything this year?

Here's What I have on my List:

Once Upon A Time (ABC) This is new last year, and I completely wrote it off as something I wouldn't like.  About half way through the season, I watched the pilot episode on-line and was HOOKED!  If you grew up watching Disney Movies or reading the Fairly Tales they were based off of, it's SOO cool to see how our favorite heroes and villains are portrayed in modern times! 
Revenge (ABC) CRAZY GOOD!  The betrayals..the suspense...the Kick-Butt Leading Lady!  AHHH!!! Even Randizzle likes this one!  So excited to see what happens to all of our Hampton Friends!
The Good Wife (CBS) Another show that me and the hubs can watch together.  There is just so much going on.  You love characters one minute, hate them the next...with all the craziness of political behind the scenes drama...
The Mentalist (CBS) If I see it , I see it.  It's not one that I'll record or go back and watch...but if it's on, both Randy and I enjoy it (I think he's more into that I am)

Dancing With the Stars (ABC) Don't know, it's the ALL-Stars Season...I'm not sure if I'll waste my time, but if I start watching early on, I usually get invested...
Bones (FOX) Absolutely LOVED this show from Day 1.  If Randy and I were TV characters, Booth and Bones would be it!  (Maybe he even got Booth's Cocky Belt Buckle for his birthday this year?)  Anyway, this past season they duo FINALLY got together.  I mean, with all the build-up of the past 5 years, they just were like BAM! We're having a baby.  BAM! We're a couple.  I was so disappointed with how they did that.  I actually found it hard to stay invested in the show last year.  I was always waiting for some sort of FLASHBACK Episode where we got to see them admit their feelings or something!  Throw me a BONE people!  BUT, the writers got their act together with the season finale cliffhanger that tore them apart again...and now, I'm completely drawn back in. 
The Voice (NBC) I'll only watch if there is nothing else on...and I only like the blind auditions.  Everything else bores me.
2 Broke Girls (CBS)  HILARIOUS!!!!  Freakin' Hilarious.  Plus they make Cupcakes.
The Mob Doctor (FOX) Is this like Grey's Meets The Sopranos?  I'm very intrigued.  Is that weird since I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy 3 years ago and I never watched The Sopranos?  But it's based off of a NON-Fiction book...so that's cool...and super creepy...
Revolution (NBC)  This could be really good...or simply horrid...but I am a huge fan of the "Life After People" Series on the History Channel, so I'm up for see how they portray Life after Electricity....UPDATED: I watched the Pilot on Hulu last night.  I REALLY like it!  YAY!

Hart of Dixie (CW) Cheesy Romantic Comedy on the CW.  And I LOVE It! 
Raising Hope (FOX) Laugh out Loud.  Will watch if there's nothing else on.
New Girl (FOX) IIIIIIT's JESS!  I can't wait to see what our Jess is up to this year!  LOVE THIS SHOW!  So does Randy, which is awesome that we can just sit and LAUGH together!
Go On (NBC)  Chandler!  Bet he's not sick of hearing that by now...this looks funny.  I gotta see if it is.  UPDATED:  I watched the Pilot they aired last night...HILARIOUS!!!!  I mean, I laughed OUT LOUD on more than one occasion.  :D
The Mindy Project (FOX) Another Rom-Com...looks kinda funny...we will see...
Vegas (CBS) The name may fool you...after I read the synopsis though, this one is set in the 60s, and I mainly want to watch it cuz I think the hubby will like it.

Guys with Kids (NBC)...I laugh at my husband, so I'm sure this will be hilarious, and maybe even something we can watch together!
Modern Family (ABC)  Do I have to say anything about this?  Watch it.  You WILL squirt whatever beverage you are drinking out of your nose. I warned you.
Nashville (ABC)  I Love my Country Music..throw in a little drama...and some Hayden Panettiere, and I'm willing to give it a try!
Chicago Fire (NBC) Hunky Firefighters.  I'm sure there's a fabulous plot to this as well....guess I'll just have to watch and find out :)
Arrow (CW)  I'm intrigued.  I'm a sucker for a good Superhero...but, again with the CW, who knows if I'll be able to handle the cheese level.

Glee (FOX)  Words cannot express my love for this show.  You can read more here.  My Finchel-loving heart was wrecked at the season finale.  I'm so anxious to see what they do this year, now that half of our favorite Gleeks have graduated...but they are still on the show!  Of course they put a military spin on it, so I bawled like a baby when I last was in Lima, OH with all of them....ahh....see, it's unhealthy, my obsession.  I CANNOT WAIT!
Beauty and the Beast (CW) I want to see a few of these shows before I make up my mind.  I totally wrote off Once Upon a Time, and I was WAY wrong about that....so I say Bring On! another Fairytale Remake!
Scandal (ABC) Got into this on Hulu this summer cuz I totally missed it last season!  SO GOOD! Political Drama...Love...Murder...A-MAZING!!! 

Community (FOX) Haven't really kept up with this, but it's HILARIOUS every time.

What are you going to lose yourself in this Fall?
Did I miss something I should be watching?

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