Monday, September 17, 2012

Simple Sunday #3

Hi Kids!
Are we feeling simple today?
Sorry about missing out last week..we've been busy with our birthday boy!

Welcome to Week 3 of:

two weeks ago we had a few AWESOME Link ups! 
Go check out this Amazing Fabric Storage by Mommy By Day Crafter By Night

and what about this Jewelry Storage out of Cork Board by Love Grows Wild!
Thanks for the Inspiration, Ladies!

AS for what's happenin' in our House...the drive to get organize plugs along...I think I can, I think can...
And, this week we have been SUPER BUSY! trying to clean and organize our Guest Bedroom/My Craft Space.  I'm not even close to being finished (remember I had birthday planning...oh, and I totally threw out my back on Monday too)  But to get you's the BEFORE pic:
I CANNOT Believe I just showed you that!!!!!
Just all the more motivation to get it cleaned up, right?
I'll post the afters when....well, they are actually done :)

On top of breakfast today, my hubby said, "You know what we should do today?...We should clean our room and completely re-arrange it"  Uh....okay....Talk about a "Let Go, and Let God" moment for me.  I thought, well, I'm stoked that he wants to clean...but how in the world is he going to re-arrange our room?!?!  And how are we NOT going to get into a huge fight about where to put everything?  We are not an "Opposites Attract" kind of couple...We're BOTH stubborn, BOTH Passionate, BOTH opinionated, BOTH Take Charge...kind of people.  Yeah, our house is fun.  :{  LOL!

But, we did it! 
I Let him moves things where he wanted (basically cuz I didn't want to fight...I couldn't help because of my back...and aside from one piece, he moved them exactly where I would have anyway)  And that one piece?  He put it where he wanted to....and then promptly realized that I was right and we had a good laugh.  Seriously.  Is he ever going to learn?!?!?! 

So far, I filled 4 boxes to take to GoodWill...Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!
We still have a HUGE pile of dirty clothes in the middle of the floor, so no pics yet...but there will be next week, so COME BACK!  :)

What Have you been up to this week?

Did you have a HUGE overhaul? 
Organize a drawer?
Tell me about it!

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