Sunday, September 30, 2012

Simple Sunday #5

Welcome to WEEK 5
Have you been simplifying your life this week?
You do realize that this can come in many ways, right?
I found that while on a quest to get a HUGE Simplifying Project underway (our Guest Bedroom/My Craft Catastrophe)....many things little tasks can help to simplify your life.
Take Last weeks Fall Pumpkin Recipe Round-up by the Healthy Branscoms:
There's a SUPER Simple Pumpkin Dip that I just have to try!
As I was saying...the Guest Bedroom is a Work in far this week,
We've PAINTED (at least the first step)
Remember the Before:
Seriously, why do I keep showing you this????  It's so embarrassing!
Well, here's what the same angle looks like now:
We moved the bed over to this opposite wall.  The room is painted a light shade of White: Crisp Linen to be exact.

Wanna peek at the closet?
SO far, so good...
I got a LOT accomplished this week.  But sometimes, all you can do is a little bit.
Like, maybe you went to St. Vinny's to look for some furniture....but when you arrived, you found this for only $2.50:
Oh, wait, no, that was ME!
That's an original painting....don't know by who, but it's beautiful.  and BIG.  and signed by the artist.
It's going in the Guest room.
What have you simplified this week?
Found a Simple Treasure?
Organized a closet?
Made a Simple Delicious Meal?
Tell Me All About it!

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