Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lil Journal Project: Week 1

Just one more project to add to my list!  HA!
You know every time someone asks me, "When do have time to do all this stuff?"  there are some days I take it as a compliment..and some days it drives me crazy.  I don't have time.  I mean, I do...obviously FIND do things.  We make time for things we love.  I love to create.  I love projects.  I love expressing myself that way.  It's my therapy.  It's why I blog.  It's why our house isn't always clean.  It's my outlet. 

And I have to say...I think I've found my Sista-from-anotha-Motha.  You all probably already know her from Lil Blue BooAshley is, in one word, A-MAZING!  I have been following her blog since I started blogging 3 years ago, and she first impressed with her creativity, style, and talent...and now more recently, she's blown my mind with her ability to inspire, fight, persevere, CHOOSE JOY.  If you haven't MUST read her story.
Until this most recent project, though...I didn't quite get the crazy "draw" I have to her (Ashley, if you do happen to read this...please don't freak out..I'm not a stalker...well, not a harmful one anyway ;)  Last week, she launched the Lil' Journal Project.  I love the concept.  It's going to be a challenge for me. 
But, it hit me.  This woman is ALL over the PLACE!  She's a wife and mother.  She blogs.  She paints. She sews...and created a SUPER Success Company out of ALL of it.  (like I said, read her personal story to see just how AWESOME she truely is)  I'm sure she's got a GILLION and ONE things to do everyday, and she started yet another project to inspire others.

We may have just been separated at birth.

I think some minds just can't be stilled.  We must jump from one project to the next.  (She's probably much better at finishing them than I am, I'm sure)  But it's so fun to create.  You just Can't Stop.
I don't know where this Journal Project is going to go for me...but I love that I am putting my mind down on paper.  I feel like I can now leave a little part of my thought process to my children, and I'm so grateful for Ashley for pushing me to do it. 

Wanna see what it's all about?
Here's the 1st week: 
We've written with our Non-Dominant Hand:
 Sketched Out the 1st Classroom we remember:
 Made a list of Simple Pleasures:
 and Experimented with Different Styles of Handwriting:
Everyday, many of us take Instagram pics of our entries and tag them #theliljournalproject  (I'm bj_mama if you wanna follow me)

You can start from the beginning...or jump in today.
Ashley gives us a prompt everyday. 
I actually bought a journal for my mom to do it too.  Writing is a dying art-form, and I want to be able to preserve some of Grandma's too :) 

Oh, and Ashley, if you couldn't tell...I totally LOVE you. 


  1. Hi BJ Mama! I'm following Ashley's Lil Journal Project too! Loving the daily prompts and inspiration from others. I'm your newest follower and I'd love it if you would come over and check out my journals and follow me back! Suzy

  2. I might have to break down and actually see if I can do Instragram so I can join in on the fun...but knowing me and time constraints, I'd probably only post a few before I got backed up, then feel guilty that I couldn't do it. (yes, I'm a perfectionist!) Anyway, I'm loving this project - something I definitely needed!!!

    1. Darn it! I hate it when I don't notice that darling hubby is signed in instead of me....



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