Monday, October 1, 2012

A little piece of me to leave behind...

This past week has been yet another reminder of just how precious our time here on earth is. 
Precious and temporary, and sometimes cut short.
It has pushed me to do many things.
I've hugged and kissed my children an extra amount.
My patience with them has somehow grown and come a little easier.
We've slowed down to just sit and talk....and listen....
I'm trying to cherish the little things more.
I've been trying extra hard to remember my grandparents.
To remember my childhood.
It's getting harder to remember much of it.

I realized that I don't want to forget.  I was talking to my mom the other day and we were recalling somethings from when I was little.  It's funny.  It's in my head, but if I don't tell my kids, they will never know.  If I don't somehow document what I remember, no one will ever see the world as I see it...or saw it.

Pretty deep, huh?

Well, I have this blog.  But, it doesn't really encompass everything.  I do sensor myself for the masses.  But, if I wrote it on real paper...with a real pen...and perhaps some markers, crayons, paint, etc.  It could be MORE! 
(I'm talking about the Lil' Journal Project again)  hehe

I seriously can't say enough about Ashley's idea to write a journal.  I LOVE her daily prompts, because even if I come across one I don't really get...I've made myself do it.  It's amazing what memories things like cars, and magazines, and colors, and jobs and stir in you!  What really hit me this week, though, was: As much as I think what I'm writing down/remembering isn't that exciting.....when I stole a glance at my mom's journal of the same prompts I was FASCINATED!  Even with the smallest little details.
I can only hope that one day my children will be able to have this little piece of me too.

And you didn't think this rambling post had a point, did you?

I didn't link up with the Lil Journal Project last I have a few more to share with you this week.
a sketch of my childhood neighborhood...the cars I've had in my own color and trinkets that are important to me...2nd neighborhood from my childhood...books I read when I was family I've had in my life....a painting of my birthday gifts...magazines I would subscribe to...GPS of my week....Vacations I took as a child...

Have I inspired you to start one?  I HOPE so!  Ashley posts a new prompt every Mon-Fri.  Start at the beginning, or just join in today!  Think about it. (UPDATE: Ashley is taking a week off of prompts, so you could catch up if you want to) You might not think you have something great to share...but can you imagine if you got to read one your mom or dad wrote?  What about your grandma or grandpa?  I don't have any grandparents here on earth yet...but I gave a journal to my mom to start writing along with me.  It's so cool to see what she remembers!


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  1. Great job keeping up with the LJP! I'm having a great time with the prompts, even some that are challenging. The memories come flooding back and like you, I am hoping that someday my children will find this journal to be a treasure. You are so blessed to have your mother, be sure to get all the stories and memories you can from her! Have a blessed day. Suzy



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