Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY Flintstones Costumes: Family of 5


I really tried to get this post up BEFORE today...but as you can see...that didn't happen. So, I guess if you like it, PIN it away for next year ;)

This year's HOMEmade, HANDmade costumes were brought to you in part by Fancy Hats By Becky and your Favorite Modern StoneAge Family:


The idea for this year's theme came to me mid-summer, when all my little boy wanted to do was BAM BAM BAM on EVERYTHING with any type of bat/club-like apparatus he could get his hands on.
Of course, when I ran it pass Randizzle, he rolled his eyes....basically saying I was crazy until he saw the finish products.  Why doesn't he ever trust me?  I'm awesome! ;)
I started out with a little sketch:

I used 1 1/2 yards of orange fleece.
Folded it in half and held it up to Randy.
Marked where I wanted the arm holes...then sewed up the sides to that point.
The "spots" are black felt hot glued on.
I used fleece as as both the dress and the necklace.
The dress was made using a dress of mine as a "pattern", but I made the the hip EXTRA wide to compensate for the fact that my waist isn't 1 inch thick.
The Leopard Print Fleece fabric is made from a $2.23 fleece blanket.
The Bones in the outfit and for the clip in her hair are both made from the fleece, hand-sewn and stuffed.
I used the same blanket as Pebbles.
Then, we covered one of his plastic bats with brown paper.
You can see more about the outfit here, and
the hat was made by Fancy Hats by Becky
and here's the Whole Family!

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