Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss

I have been wanting to make Samantha a "Tossing Game" for a LONG time now.  She is NOT interested at ALL in throwing a ball, and since that is one of the skills they test her on for gross's a difficult skill to judge when she refuses to do it.

So, I thought...we can build something at home.  I can use tools and wood and be all handy....and I can.  I really can....but it's not so easy to tell the 5 and 2 year old to babysit the 5 month old while mommy goes out to the garage and builds something.  (and let's be honest...Daddy has a LOT on his plate, so it's not in his Top 10 list of things to do.)

Well, Thank the Good Lord for Pinterest.  Here's the inspiration pin.
Since I was helping to plan Samantha's school class seemed a good time as any to get crafting one.

And this is what I came up with:

I started with a Tri-Fold Presentation Board with a Black front (did you know you could get them in White AND Black?)  Me NEITHER!  It's about $2.50 at Wally-mart.

Then, I painted the Back side to go with the Party Theme...HALLOWEEN!

Took a utiliity knife and carved out my pumpkin face....


PUMPKIN Bean Bag Toss!

And you could go out and get some ping-pong balls or something if you're not into sewing, but I sewed these mini-ban bags up really quick with my fabric scraps and filled them with rice.  (Reminder: put Rice on the Grocery List)

I am SOOO Making other Themed ones TOO!
Just Think....A Turkey....A Snowman....A Christmas Tree.....Hearts....A Four Leaf Clover.....Bunny....Uncle Sam.....

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