Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Georgia: 6 months old

almost ALL THE TIME!

At 6 months old, Georgia is moving around via rolling like a log and pushing herself backwards and in is keeping us all on our toes.  Everything goes in her mouth!

She's just beginnning to sit by herself, but those chubby legs want to stand straight when she's in your arms. 
Six months is SO fun!  There's so much to learn and discover...
like TOES!

We had her Well check yesterday,
and I'm happy to report, she's holding steady in the 100% in weight:
21 pounds 7 ounces
I don't always trust the height measurments, because you just can't get those legs to cooperate on that cold table.  The official report says 26 1/2 inches.
She's sportin' 12 month clothes...even some 12-18 month one piece outfits.

NO teeth yet...but she chomps on EVERYTHING!
(including me)
And she LOVES to eat.  We started the solid foods over a month ago...and she eats, eats, EATS!
Can you tell???

and we just eat, eat EAT

LOVE YOU, Georgia!!!


  1. She's such a sweet, beautiful baby :-) Praise God! Good job Momma :-)

  2. Brittany she is just beautiful!



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