Monday, December 17, 2012

A Little Christmas Tour of Our Home

Christmas is already a buzzing with our family.  So finding time to blog about it is more than challenging.  I thought I'd snap a few pics of our holiday decor to help inspire you to add a few details to your own.
Our fireplace and mantle:
Complete with a Homemade Wreath  (artificial so we can reuse's on year 2)
My small, but growing Christmas village.
Our Handmade Sweater Stockings... FIVE this year!
I'm still not sure if I want to personalize them or not....I was thinking Monograms...or even full names...what do you think?
The chandelier over our Dining Table...adorned with glitter ornaments that I made like this

"JOY" that I made last year...changed the curtain up for the holidays...

A Thrifty Christmas Card Wreath....I'll be posting a tutorial later this week

A Mix of Christmas, handmade, and Sam-made.
A new addition this year...Our Family Christmas Tree collage:
4x6 pics of our family taken in front of our Christmas tree each year,
printed in a Green Tint (for the tree color),
and arranged in a tree shape.
(using the sticky strips so they can be taken down without marks and rearranged when we add more)



  1. I am excited to see the wreath tutorial....I need something to display all my cards!!

  2. Ohh I wanna do the wreath.. I hate taping them on door frames lol. I love the photo tree idea..



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