Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012 Round-Up

With another year coming to an end, it's easy to find yourself looking back...reflecting on the past 12 months...
We added a new family member with the birth of Sweet Georgia Laehn in May...probably the most noteworthy event of the year.
I found with the addition of another little munchkin, my blogging time decreased exponentially!  Kind of sad to think about, because I enjoy sharing our lives and projects with you.

I'd like to say 2013 is going to be different.  But that is just wishful thinking...oh, heck, why not? 
Why can't a girl wish and dream to make life as perfect as she wants it?

It's a goal.  And you heard it here first.  2013: the Year BJ Mama gets to blog more :)  LOL!

Well, 2012 wasn't a total bloggy-bust.  I made some fun things!  And, you know what, a few of you even noticed ;)

So here's a run down the:

TOP 10 most viewed project posts of 2012:

Top 3 MOST Viewed Posts during 2012:

this is also the MOST Pinned, Most Linked to, Most visited post of ALL TIME here :0)

and when looking at stats...there are always some HILARIOUS things that come up...
apparently, titling a post "28 weeks: the Somersaulting Eggplant" gets a lot of attention.  It's just one of my monthly pregnancy updates...I'm sure the 4000+ people that clicked on that link in google were mildly disappointed.  LOL!

My favorite post of 2012...
when our family welcomed Georgia into the world!

2012 was a GREAT year...full of many blessings!
I hope you feel the same way, even through the tough times...

I am looking forward to many more projects and fun to share with you in 2013!

Do YOU have a favorite Post from 2012?
I'd LOVE to HEAR it!

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