Monday, March 11, 2013

Georgia: 10 Months Old


1 ADORABLE DIMPLE in that Chubby Right Cheek....that, God-willing, is here to stay!

 2 Steady Legs that she's STANDING on!
about a week after she turned 9 months, Georgia was pulling herself up on a short surface and letting go....standing up all on her own

0 Teeth to chomp on....but that doesn't stop her from CHOMPING and CHOMPING and CHOMPING on everything.

She's a little parrot.  Mimicking every grunt, giggle, and an occasional HI!

and here's for all the non-believers...
See that little dinosaur in her hand...the one that is completely inappropriate for a 10 month old to be playing with?  Yep.  I took it away for a second.  Notice, she got it right back....and once she lost found it's final resting place in our trash can.
RIP Pinky, you rubbery choking hazard.

SHE LOVES Peek-a-Boo, Cheerios, Avocado, Sam & Cash kisses, Daddy Snuggle time, Mama feeding time, CLAPPING, crawling SUPER fast, dancing to music (or the head-wobble), and playing with Grandma.
Speaking of which....
Grandma celebrated her 1 year anniversary of being diagnosed with GBS this week!
What a difference a YEAR makes!  As Georgia is 10 months old, and Grandma was only released from the hospital 3 days before Georgia was born!  WOW!  Praise GOD!


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