Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Natural Egg Dying...Does it work?

Last year after dying eggs with the kiddos and almost having a heart attack every time Cash attempted to drink the dye...I decided that this year we would try a more natural approach. I'm not writing this to get into a natural debate with anyone....we are trying to get as many unnecessary chemicals out of our house as we can.  I mean, it's just ridiculous what we allow into our homes and into our bodies.  Okay, I'm stepping off my soapbox now.

Natural Egg Dyes...
Do they work?

I'm 75% happy with how ours turned out.  So, I'll say YES!

The funny part about our egg dying adventure...the hubs was very cautious with me.  He knows how I get when my projects don't turn out the way I want them to.  LOL!
In attempt to avoid MAJOR disappointment (on my part) I did a LOT of "research"...and by that, I mean, I read a bunch of other bloggers' attempts. 
This means REAL, honest people sharing their attempts...not just pretty Pinterest pictures, Martha Stewart, or on the other hand "Craft Fails".

I decided I was just going to have to try it myself.  
We did 3 different methods....and only used things we had in our kitchen and pantry.

Our first attempt was boiling the eggs WITH the coloring agent.  
This did not work.  I had spinach blanched for our dinner one night, after I I took the spinach out, I added a Tablespoon of Vinegar and 3 eggs.  After boiling the eggs, they had a very faint green tint to them, and a couple light green smudges on them.  They are pictured on the FAR right of the carton above.

Boil eggs first and let sit in the coloring agent:
Pictured below 
Boiled ORANGE PEELS, Boiled PAPRIKA WATER, and Frozen BLUEBERRIES thawed in Room Temperature water.
The anticipation was killing them!
We let them sit through dinner....and got lightly colored eggs....
Since we wanted to see how dark they could get, we put the glasses in the fridge overnight.
The Paprika

The Orange Peels did nothing.

The paprika eggs looked like they were going to be a very pretty rust color, 
but once I washed the residue off, they came out more of a dark khaki color

The Blueberry Eggs are BY FAR my favorite with this method!

The 3rd method we did was a much Faster turn around time, with GORGEOUS results!
You simply peel onions.  We had Yellow and Red onions...very similar results with both colors, if ou ask me....but I LOVE THEM!

Wrap the Raw egg in onion peels, wrap that in white cloth, and secure.  We used rubber bands.  Then boil the eggs....
SO FUN unwrapping and seeing all the pretty yellow, orange, rust colors!
So here are our Eggs!
All Naturally Dyed...
maybe we'll try some more colors in the next couple days...
This was FUN!


  1. Turmeric and red cabbage work the best. Be careful with turmeric, I had a huge yellow mess after using it! Happy egg dyeing.



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