Friday, April 26, 2013

2.5 going on 7

This guy.

It's hard to believe that this guy is Two and a Half.

Partly because I think it was just yesterday he was this guy.

And partly because on a daily basis he reminds us that he is a Man-child.

or, if we were to ask him....

A Cowboy.

No, seriously.  He thinks he's a Cowboy.
And you know what?  He is a Cowboy.  He's convinced that every hat he wears is a cowboy hat....and even though we haven't found him REAL cowboy boots, we found him COWBOY Boots!  SO cute...even if he likes them on the wrong feet...
Cashton just keeps amazing us with how fast he is growing up.  One day in February (actually Valentine's Day)  he decided he wanted to go on the potty like a big boy, and that was that.  It took about 2 weeks until I was confident enough to have him only wear underwear, but this was just me being terrified of having to clean more undies....He was dry.  He was ready.  If you haven't potty trained a little boy yet....I must warn you of the cuteness factor of tiny boy bums in tiny boy cowboy undies.....I can't even describe it.  CUTENESS OVERLOAD.
AND speaking of being a BIG BOY...someone got himself a BIG BOY BED too!  (more pics to come when I tell you about his quilt)
Cashton Randall.
You remind us everyday what a BLESSING, JOY,  and FUTURE HEARTACHE it is to raise a BOY.
Running Fast.
Throwing like you're ready for Little League.
Jumping Off Anything.
Cars, and Tractors, and Trucks, and Balls.....Dirt and Snot, and Puddles Galore!
You are the definition of BOY.
Bear Hugs.
Tickle Fights.
Zerberts on Tummies....
Kisses for Sisters and Mommy and Daddy.
After a long day of you being the tough guy, I will never get tired of making the 3 trips back to your bedside for one more hug, one more kiss, and to sing you "The Jesus Song"

I know these days go by far to QUICKLY, I wish I could bottle up the adorable-ness of 2 and half and savor it forever....

At least I can show you these pictures and my words and remind you just how CUTE you are
(Daddy and I have already picked out your High School YearBook Flashback photo....YEE-HAW!  .hehehe)

I'm only hoping that you'll keep you're lady-killer style! 
(No joke, this is what you PREFER to wear....)
Hat, Bowtie, and Dress Pants or Jeans...

What a STUD!


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