Friday, July 19, 2013

Be still my GLEE-ful Heart...

It took me nearly a week to decide if I wanted to write a post about this.
I struggled with the fact that I didn't want to come off like a teenage fangirl...or probably at this point a 30 year old, mother of 3, fatasizing about some dreamy celeb.
I've been glued to tabloid websites and news blurbs all week just to get one piece of info or another, and honestly I feel/felt foolish.

Until today.

Because I have finally realized the true source of my heartache.

As many of you who know me, or read this know I am a HUGE Glee Fan.  I have written of my love on many occasions.  I have crafted over it.  My young children love it.  (Mind you, they do NOT watch the show....we show them a select number of the age-appropriate musical performances on YouTube) and listen to the CDs in the car.  My hubby even took me to see Glee LIVE! a few years ago.  (He likes it too, no matter what he tells you)

Finn & Rachel are my two favorite TV characters.  Why?  Well, aside from the glaring fact that they are beautiful, talented people...when you watch a TV show or movie, sometimes you get lost in it.  That's kind of the point--a break from reality.  When characters truely speak to you, you relate.  I related.  And Glee is a different kind of show.  One that uses music to tell its story. 
Music speaks to me.  It always has.  I get lost in country love ballads...all.the.time.
Photo taken at Glee Live in Chicago 2010

The death of Cory Monteith hit me hard.  Not because I knew him. Obviously, I didn't.  But I remember very vividly waiting for weeks on end to hear if something unthinkable happened to the love of MY life while he was fighting a war in Iraq.  I can't even imagine what Lea Michele is going through right now.  Cause of death aside.  The fact that they are celebrities aside.  That is horrible. 

It has made me cry.  I don't know when I'll be able to watch an episode of Glee without tears.  That may sound completely silly to you.  It does to me even.  But I imagine some of you had similar reactions to news of  Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, John Lennon, Elvis...JFK....  The media gets so involved in celebrities lives, you do start to feel like you know them.  And, when you watch a show were actors/actresses portray love stories that mirror their real lives....the lines blur.

Many of my friends and family have commented this week that when they heard of Cory's death, they immediately thought of was actually my mom that texted me the news when she heard.  That's how I found out.  So I wanted to let you all know what I'm thinking about. 

Most of all, however, it has made me so very thankful for my husband.  My children.  The life that the Lord has blessed us with.  I have hugged and kissed them harder and more often this week...(which is kind of ridiculous...I think they are getting sick of me!)

So that's that. 

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  1. You have put it into perspective!! Keep loving that family you know how hard it was when Randy was overseas! Love ya



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