Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Drawstring Backpacks for the Kiddos

This weekend our family is headed out into the Wilderness to live off the land...
In other words, we are going camping (at a campground with electricity, plumbing, and a heated swimming pool)  Hey, we're Tenting It, so it's gonna be rough ;)

Since I already know we are going to have a long conversation about why we can't take every toy we own along with us, I thought the kids could have a choice to fill one bag with whatever toys they want to bring.

My intention was to have a tutorial for you, but I was just lucky to get these made with my sanity intact and the children still alive.  :)  
Here's a good tutorial that is similar to the method I used, though.

 What's great about having three very active kids is a trip to the store is much more daunting than just using what you have around the house.  It's a TRUE money saver!

Georgia's is the smallest one, and I used some silver cording as the drawstring:
Cashton's practicing for a future of pat-downs apparently...and I used double-folded bias tape sewn together for his drawstring:
And Sam is proudly sporting Pink on PINK with some pink braided ribbon trim as her drawstring:

A little fabric Painted Name Badge on each to finish them off, 
and we have TOY CONFINEMENT!

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  1. Can Cash fit all his trucks in his, and Sam all the stuffed animals? Oh yeah the still have Georgias to fill! Very cute!



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