Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snapshots of Our 4th

 We had the quintessential Fourth of July planned for the kiddos...
Complete with a Candy-Throwing Parade, a Rubber Duck Race, Picnic in the Park....
and possible Fireworks?
We will see!
 Georgia was all grins when they played music...actually, she was "singing" as loud as she could!
 I don't even have words for this picture...


 So, our kiddos don't really have the DOG-EAT-DOG concept down for parade candy scavenging.  It took a good 30 minutes for Cash to even get off of one of our laps...
And Samantha was almost going to get candy...ALMOST...until she saw another kid want it, then she just let them take it.  Didn't matter who or where it was.  She has such a sweet soul.
Fortunately, we had a secret candy stash in our backpack that just happen to have a sucker for Sam and Cash and Animal crackers for Georgia. 
They were pleased as punch for the whole day!

Oh, but wait, Sam got a couple pieces of candy eventually....
Her reaction:  OVER THE TOP Jumping up and down, "I GOT CANDY!  I GOT CANDY! I GOT CANDY!"  Much to the amusement to us and all the adults around us who's children's excitement was not even a fraction of hers :)
The boys getting a Fire Truck to HONK!
 Wait...CASH got up!  What could possibly be the trigger?
A Cow.
Not a real one, but as soon as he saw Real Horses, he was convinced there needs to be a cow.
We'll have to put that in the suggestion box for next year ;)
 BEST SCORE of the Parade?
Piggy Wiggly was handing out Watermelons off of their float...and the kiddos were super bummed they didn't get one...that was until someone walked up to them with a Pineapple! :)
 Off to the Park for our Picnic Lunch:
 Pretty SWEET Day!
 Relaxed and Beautiful!
 Celebrating America with the Ones with LOVE!

We didn't get to see Fireworks this year since it's my holiday to work ALL WEEKEND, but the kids don't really know what they're missing yet :)

Happy 7th Anniversary to Randizzle and Me!


  1. Awesome pics!! Looks like the perfect day!

  2. Looks like a perfect day! Everyone looks like they had fun!! How is the pineapple?



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