Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Dollhouse: Bathroom


The Bathroom

 The Flooring and Walls are all Scrapbook Paper purchased from Hobby Lobby (Mod Podged on)

The Vanity: Block of Wood cut to size, Rectangle wooden pieces for drawers, the sink is the top of a Salt and Pepper Shaker I got from the Dollar Tree, painted white.  (the shaker didn't go to waste, though, it's the perfect little water cup for the kiddos in their bathroom)

Mirror:  Chipboard with a piece of Tin Foil cut and glued in place
Toilet: Dental Floss container glue to a Measuring cup.  Both found at the Dollar Tree.
Large Soaker Tub:  This is Randizzle's wonderful idea.  He had large plastic containers out in the garage that he wasn't using.  It's cut in half and down to size.  The goal was to glue it to the floor, but the kiddos already ripped it out.  So, for now, it's a half of a tub.  LOL!

Here's a top shot of the sink....the shaker holes make it look like a drain :)

As with the rest of the house, it needs some decor....but it's just like when you first move in!

If you missed yesterday's post:

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