Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Flashback: Georgia's 1st Birthday Party

Back on May 7th, our sweet baby girl turned ONE! 
My how time flies!

I didn't want to leave you all hanging since I've chronicled her life month-by-month, so here's the BIG
PARTY Day in all it's Beautiful SUNSHINE Yellow Glory! 

The theme was dreamed up by big sister, Samantha.  Ever since Georgia was born, Sam and I used the song, "You are my Sunshine" to calm her when she cried.  It works every time.  So, when the time came to choose a birthday theme, Sam said it should be yellow...and I added the Sunshine parts ;)

Once again, we had lots of family over to our house.  I love family!

I also love that my SIL stole my camera for a little bit and actually got me in some shots :)

It was an amazing celebration for an AMAZING LITTLE BALL of SUNSHINE!
and since that was THREE MONTHS ago already....here's a shot from yesterday to see what Georgia is looking like today :)

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