Thursday, August 15, 2013

Interview with an {almost} SIX Year Old

Samantha, Sam, Sammi, Sam J.
Whatever it is you call yourself today, you are ONE of a KIND!
Before I share your interview with everyone, there are a few things I want you to know on this, your birthday week.

Your sixth year has brought a change in you.

You are still the most loving, thoughtful, sensitive little girls I have ever met.  Some days I think we should legally change your middle name to Sweetness.
It will never fail to stop me in my tracks when you stop what you are doing or saying to say, "Mom, I have to tell you something....I love you."  (I know you know the power you hold, because there are times when that's the one thing I need to hear)
That hasn't changed.

You have grown up into a little girl.

Suddenly, You have taken on a sense of pride in being the oldest.  In this wonderful, I'm so proud to be big enough and old enough to do things.  This has been such a blessing.  You are SO excited to start Kindergarten.  Not that you haven't been in school since you turned 3, but you know this is a big deal, and you often remind us: "I'm going to Kindergarten.  Cashton can't go to Kindergarten.  He's not big enough.  Only me.  All by myself."
 Although, this "I'm a big kid" often translates into a tattling scenario on a daily basis...."Dad, I'm not spitting..."  "Mom, I didn't [insert whatever "naughty" thing Cash is doing"  "Not Meeee"
Okay, thank you for pointing that out, little mother.  Your acting skills astound us.
No, seriously, if there were a drama class in Kindergarten, I know you'd have no problem acing it!

Tears come very easily to you.  If Cashton looks at you funny, if mom or dad scold you, and heaven forbid, one of your siblings take your toy!  I'm recording this, not to shame you, but a know the day is coming when we are going to have more serious conversations.  I want to remember how simple life is right now.  When your biggest concern is if Cash stole your Tinkerbell wand, or you want water to drink instead of milk for supper.  Yes, those both result in crocodile tears.

So, my dear Samantha, I will hug and kiss you all week long.  Because you are going to ask me to.  I will sing to you at bedtime, "Precious Lord, Take my Hand" and compare how much we love each other with our arms.  Then I will tell you I love you all the way to the moon...and you will respond with your original, "Well, Mom, I love you all the way to the SUN!"  And I will marvel again at how much farther that is....that you don't really comprehend it, but I tell you...Thank you for loving me that much.  (Even on the days I feel like I didn't earn it or deserve it)

You bring us so much Joy, Sweet Samantha Brynn!

Okay, now, I will dry my eyes, and carry on with the good stuff!


We started this interview at the dinner table one night....

How old are you?

How old are going to be?

When is your birthday?

(Daddy) Samantha, what do you want to accomplish now that your six years old?
I'm going to sing Happy Birthday to Me....Happy Birthday to Me...[sings the whole birthday song complete with the How Old Are You verse]"

What's your favorite color?

What kind of Birthday Party do you want to have?
A Green Birthday.  A Tinkerbell Birthday

What do you want for your birthday?
Green things.  A green cake.  Green Balloons.  Green grass.  Green Trees.  Green leaves. [Yes! Cheapest Birthday Ever!]

What's your favorite animal?

What makes you happy?

What makes you sad?
whining and screaming

What makes you scared?
Thunder & Lightning

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A doctor.....and a princess.  A Princess Doctor

What's your favorite song?
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

What's your favorite book?
Not a Box

What's your favorite food?
Sam-mich, with Eggs and Bacon and Yellow Cheese

What's your favorite thing to drink?

What is your favorite thing to do at school?
Read books.

Who's your best friend?
My baby

What's your favorite TV show?
A movie

What's your favorite movie?

What are you really good at?
I really good at ballerina (as she twirls in circles)

Is there anything else you want to tell the world?
HM-mm, I got new shoes!

So there she is.  In all her Almost Six Year Old Glory!  

YIKES!  We just registered for Kindergarten today!  She's growing up way too fast!  If you want to see how much has changed (or stayed the same)  Check out last year's interview here

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