Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome Wall Photo Collage

 When you enter our humble abode...this is what greets you....
so just in case you meant to go and visit the "Yahnkes" instead, you'll know to leave immediately.
(i only kid.)

To get the look:
This was a mis-match of letters and frames that I collected from Thrift shops and Hobby Lobby's 90% clearance section.  I spray painted the frames and a few of the letters black for continuity.

Then laid them out in the pattern I wanted....which I ended up TOTALLY redoing because once I ordered the pics and put them into the frames, I remembered that I couldn't use certain frames for one reason or BONUS for you, there's two different layout examples:

Here's our (almost) finished product:
Try to imagine a photo in the bottom middle to round out the set

And, take a step back...
I make sure we do a photo shoot once a year (thank you, Tana, for this year's shots), so I'll just swap out the pics next year when we do, otherwise it would be great to old and new photos mixed. 



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