Friday, September 13, 2013

HOWDY, Cowboy! THREE looks good on you!

Cowboy Cash is THREE! 

I don't care what anyone says, I'll let you wear this outfit around town any day of the week....oh, and you practically did all week anyway!  LOL!

 You changed up the shirt and jeans, but wore just about everything else.  Man, I love you, Kid!
 If you took a break from giving out, "Howdy, Cowboy!" was to "go find your cows because  they got away.  Thankfully, I was always assured that you'd be back in just two minutes....holding up your little finger....
 Your imagination astounds us!  You can make a farm or barn or pirate ship out of anything.  And you are a constant companion to both your sisters!  Samantha starting school has been tough.  Walking her out to the bus every morning....waving goodbye, and greeting her with a huge hug when she returns home.  "Sammy, I missed you!"
What a sweet boy!  Not to mention, if we see a bus around town during the day, you are adamant that it's Sam's and we need to follow it. ;)
 Sweet conversations at the dinner table EVERY NIGHT.
Sam: Cash, you aren't big enough to go to Kindergarten.
Cash: I'm big!  Mom, Dad, I'm big [flexing muscles]
Mom/Dad:  Yes, Cash, you are big.
Cash: {shoveling food into his mouth}  LOOK HOW BIG I JUST GOT!  {standing up and flexing harder}
Sam: But, Cash, you can't go to Kindergarten like me! 
Cash: Um, but Sam, I can watch you...I can watch you, Sam...


So, you're in to Cowboys...
 Cowboys and Cows and Horses.....Farms....Barns....anything related to that.
You are a Man's Man.  Uncle Ryan, Uncle Nate, Grandpa Bob, Papa, Papa D, Uncle Dan, Isaac, and Josh  all enter everyday conversation as if they live with us.
Guess you're compensating for having two sisters already ;)
 Favorite Food: Whatever is going to make you Big
Favorite Drink: Milk
 Favorite Song:  We sing "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" & "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" at bedtime.  And when I say "we"....I mean it.  You usually chime in with me.  It's so sweet....(you even came and sang me to sleep yesterday....)
 Favorite Books: Farm Words.  Farm Animals.  And any other book that has anything to do with farming or has a large tractor or construction vehicle on it.
 You love to snuggle and kiss your sisters...sometimes a little too hard.
 And you GIGGLE ALL THE TIME.  Favorite Game:  "Get Me"  which is just us chasing you around and tickling you.
 Yes, Cashton, you are getting BIG.
 You can slow down anytime.
 You've even taken some acting classes from your big sister....
 (as this pic was taken a mere 5 seconds after the last one)
 ahhhh.....what can I say to my big, blue-eyed 3 year old boy?
You bring us so much joy and laughter. 
I love watching how rough and fearless you can be--Jumping off of everything you possibly can.
I love that minutes later you will run up to me and ask for a hug.
I love that I can see those big eyes get even bigger when you are excited!  It's an amazing sight!
You are curious about everything.
You are strong-willed.
You are sweet and kind.

You are ALL BOY.

Silly Cowboy Man.


Just LOOK how BIG you've gotten in one Year!

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