Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tinkerbell Birthday Party

It's been a god MONTH since Samantha turned 6...and here I am sharing the party!  I'd say I'm not doing to bad ;)  We had a blast Making our home a little Pixie Hollow :)  
the Cake

I used three Key Lie Cake Mixes.  I'm not a from-scratch cake maker.  Sorry, I know that's not very Martha of me....I'll settle for Betty ;) 

I did, however, make the marshmallow fondant from I'm pretty proud of that.

The wings are Yellow Candy Melts that I pipetted onto a sheet of wax paper and froze.  
Here's a good tip....refrigerate your cake until serving....or don't attach the wings until before serving.  Mine fell off, and I had to PIN it back on before we sang. :(
The butterflies and Solar Dancing flower pot topper were all from the dollar store.

The Birthday Girl

and her Outfit
The skirt is simply a cotton print that I cut zigzagged along the bottom and sewed the hem....added an elastic waistband.
We used an old tutu for PUFF!
I actually went out and bought fairy wings, but when I got them home, I realized that they were FULL of Glitter.  They did not leave the bag.
No, I didn't break her heart....she never knew about them, and I knew she wouldn't wear them anyway, so I did the next best thing:
a new shop in our town screen prints and appliques shirts for $10.
I brought this top in, and they put Rhinestone wings on the back!

2 Blondes if you are ever local :)

The TWO big Party events....we had every wear name tags with their Fairy Name (Men too)
Go HERE to get your own Fairy Name.

Then, it was off on a Fairy hunt

Basically they found fairy food....(food shaped erasers around our back yard)
and vials of Pixie Dust

The Birthday Girl with her GREAT Grandparents

Her HUGE Present...
(yes, I know I haven't posted all of the rooms yet...I will)
then, we topped off the night with a movie....and Sam's first sleepover (with a few of her cousins)

Have you ever thrown a Tinkerbell Birthday Party?
I'd love to hear what you did!

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