Friday, November 1, 2013

As Big as a Grapefruit: 16 weeks

Sixteen Weeks along...
One of these days, I am certain the nausea will cease.
It must.
Mornings aren't too bad.  Afternoons are GREAT....right about the time I should be starting to make dinner, food is the last thing I want to see, taste, or smell.

Baby #4 is the size of a Grapefruit....and just 2 nights ago I felt the beginnings of the flutters.  Most amazing sensation in the world!

Not the greatest sensations in the world:  Backaches, Frequent Urination, and Headaches.

I am chronicling this pregnancy in pictures as I did for the first three....

This time, however, I'm using food. :)

Just 4 weeks ago (12 weeks), Baby #4 was only the size of a PLUM:

So until next time...
Here's to Apple Juice, 
Virgin Bloody Marys, 
and Jimmy John's Beach Clubs!

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