Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Memories, Reflections, and Dreams 2013

2013 wasn't the best BLOG year for me...but it was sure FULL of fun, love, and life!
I am not sure if 2014 will bring life back into the blog, but I love using it as a platform to look back.

So, without further ado, I am participating in Ashley Sisk's Photography Challenge: Memories, Reflections, and Dreams

1. Me! – ...again... blessed to be with child
 24 weeks along on Christmas Day
2. I Love You – Memorial weekend, kid-free, building our stone patio.  And we still love each other...a TRUE Miracle!

 3. Still Laughing… – Samantha's "MOM" gift for me :)

 4. Winter Wonderland – a typical Wisconsin Winter Scene...

5. Birthday 

 6. Friends – Diva, a kids' best friend.

 7. I Was Inspired…  
by this woman.  by this trip we took together.  sisters by marriage....FRIENDS for life!

 8. Spring Fever – Easter 2013

 9. Travel or Vacation –Poehlman Family does DISNEY WORLD  December 2013

10. Summer Days – Father/Son on the Fourth of July!

11. A Day In My Life – lots of Laughs.  Lots of Love.

12. All Smiles – May 7th, our little Baby, Georgia turned ONE!

 13. Autumn Harvest – talk about a HARVEST!

 14. Family or Home – Daddy reading about the First Christmas on Christmas Eve in front of the fireplace

 15. Celebrate! – 31 was good to me!
16. Let’s Do It Again… – Father's Day pics for Daddy.  So fun to see how much they grow every year!

 17. I Miss You – ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN is A-OK in Sam's book, but I MISS HER!

18. Beautiful – our BEAUTIFUL, 6 year old, Samantha.  You are truly beautiful inside and out!  I love watching you grow everyday.

 19. Dress Up – no special occasion needed... Cashton is a cowboy EVERYDAY!  Three years old and ready to lasso life!

20. Macro – Tulips in May.

21. Holidays – Christmas 2013

22. My Favorite – I just LOVE this pic of our Girls :)  4th of July suckers!

 23. Don’t Ever Change –the Grandkids....ALL 13 CRAZY ones!

 24. Just Because…So There! –Cash met WOODY!  DREAM COME TRUE!

 25. Hopes and Dreams –  My hopes and dreams are wrapped up in these three babes....(and the one kicking me on the inside right now)  My dream is for them all to always be this happy and joyful and loving.  With themselves.  With Others.  I pray that the Lord remains in their hearts as purely as He does this day and always.

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  1. wonderful images of your sweet family. Happy new year

  2. Oh my goodness, I'd be thrilled to meet Woody as well! Congrats on your upcoming bean!

    Nicky at

  3. Looks like a great year. Love your Winter Wonderland shot!

  4. As always wonderful to see the pictures and the wonderful commentary. Love to you!



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