Monday, January 13, 2014

Whiter Than Snow Canvas

It's a COLD, SNOWY, WINTER WONDERLAND in Wisconsin for, oh, the next 3-4 months yet.

And once we take down our Christmas decor, the house really starts to feel empty :(

This Bible verse from Psalms 51 has been a source of inspiration for me this New Year.
The FRESH start of New Years' Resoulutions tend to wear off rather quickly, but just like a fresh blanket of snow, we can be washed clean & new everyday by just asking the Lord for it!
What an amazing gift!

The kiddos helped out with this last week when we were shut-in with wind chill temps in the -40s.
 We started with a White Canvas that we painted light blue very sparingly....
see all the white still showing through?

Then, one by one, each of the 3 kids chose a hand to use as their SNOWFLAKE Stamp...
we just painted then with white craft paint and I helped them stamp the flakes.

After it dried, and the kids were napping....
I painted the verse on with a Paint Pen.

A Beautiful Reminder to get us through the Winter Blues!


  1. what a great project to do with your children.
    Now, what you need to do is on sheet of paper write each child's name along with their age, put in ziplock bag or have it laminated and secure on bag side of canvas piece along with the year it was done. What a great keepsake.




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