Monday, March 3, 2014

DIY Vintage Baby Onesies

After 3's definitely NOT economical to go out and buy NEW clothes.  And you know how I love to be cheap thrifty.

Unfortunatley, buying new things for a NEW BABY is part of the Nesting Phase, amIright?!?!

I wanted some "New to YOU" clothes for Number 4...and since we have LOTS of plain onesies that have accumulated through the years, I thought I'd spice some up!

Onesies (Bodysuits) of whatever size you'd like.
Printable Iron-On Transfer Paper
(This particular time I bought mine at Walmart: ~$7 for 7 sheets)
Computer, Internet Service, InkJet Printer

Although I went with vintage can do WHATEVER you'd like.

The following images were all found at The Graphics Fairy
She has an AMAZING collection of FREE Vintage Images...
just think of all the Home Decor Possibilities!

Because we aren't privy to the Baby's Gender....I only did 0-3m size and Neutral Images:

Rabbit from Wonderland

Steampunk Hot Air Ballon


Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat & the Fiddle

Vintage Tricycle

and for Geeky Mommy...
Vintage Microscope

ALL week I'm:

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  1. Very cool! I haven't used the printable transfer paper before - have you? If you have, do you know if it wrinkles and cracks after a few washes, or is it pretty durable?



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