Sunday, March 16, 2014

The St. Patrick's Day Project that proves I'm losing my mind....blame it on the pregancy?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day...
so tonight at dinner, Sam and I were getting excited because you know what that means....

Basically, that's all Sam has talked about for the last week.
She has these ruffle pants from her Christmas I thought I'd make something to match :)
Easy enough, right?
What I should have done was take the Shamrock I had already cut out last year...and iron it on to a shirt and be done with it....

What hour later.....I had Sam picking out a rainbow of colors while I serged...and ruffled each one...

It looked messy and the edges were I covered that up with a poorly shaped, white, minky cloud.

but...guess what?
I still managed to iron on the shamrock to make it all St. Patrick-y like.

AND still matches the pants!

I have a serious problem.
I know.

But, at least she'll be cute...right?

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