Sunday, May 4, 2014

Colton: One Month Old

 At One Month Old, our little Colt is already proving to us that 
He's grown into 0-3 month clothing and size 1 diapers....probably because he eats NON-STOP.  Around the clock every 2-3 hours....and fills his pants just as often.
(my only baby that actually cares if his diaper is messy. Change it, and he insta-relaxes..also, he has peed on me more times than all the other 3 combined)

For the sleeping part, he's very content to sleep long stretches during daylight hours....and very short ones at night when mommy is finally able to lay down.

Colton keeps the attention of his older siblings ALL DAY LONG.
He gets LOTS of kisses and hugs, which makes him very bored when the little ones are not around.
He grunts/talks all the time....probably just trying to keep up with the "big kids".

Daddy calls him this hand-me-down shirt from his big brother Cash is pretty much perfect.   He's strong enough to push himself up when on your chest, and loves to stare into your eyes when you hold him in your arms.

Now we just have to remember his name....between CHAMP, Buddy (Georgia's favorite name for him), and TOLT (what it sounds like when Georgia actually tries to pronounce his name)....
we just need to practice:

Happy ONE Month, Colt!

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