Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sweet Georgia Laehn....Too SOON for TWO!




Our Sweet Georgia Laehn, you turn TWO today.

It's amazing that two years have already passed, and at the same time, you act like you are SO much older.

To say you keep us on our toes is, by far, an understatement.  While many people comment on how much you talk....we quickly reply: Yes, it's exhausting!  Not that we aren't awed by your curiosity, and wonder struck by your ability to ask the SAME question 10 times in  a's just a bit much.

You talk in full sentences and ask a BILLION questions a day.  Not to mention your favorite sayings: "I want some.  I want some" 
"I wanna see.  I wanna see"  
"I wanna help.  I wanna help"

Miss Independence.
Your biggest motivation:  Your Big Brother, Cash.  You keep up with him all day long....and he has taught you to be tough and strong....curious and mischievous....and he LOVES you to pieces.

From your big sister, Sam, you have learned to dance like a princess and to love gently.

And just last month, your baby brother, Colt, has upgraded you to BIG SISTER.  We have seen your mothering instincts kick in and are helping you to practice that gentle touch...

Recently, you have shown us your patience and hunger to learn.  You will sit with Daddy and "help" him do anything.

And, with Mama, you will sing songs all day long...your favorites being:  You are my Sunshine...and I LOVE you, a Bushel and a Peck.

What you've taught us is that even at the young age of two (and before) comes HUGE PERSONALITY!  Loud and Strong-willed, you never go unnoticed or unheard.  Those Bright Blue Eyes and WHITE Blond hair stop everyone in their tracks.   Flash them that smile, and it's all over.

Please, slow down, Little Girl.  

We love your cheeks and your addictive giggle....  
(even if you always tell us to STOP when we tickle you)  

As I kissed you goodnight on the eve of your birthday, I asked if you would stay my baby forever.  You replied, "Yes."  through your Nuk stuffed little mouth....and Daddy was right there, so I have a witness. :)  

You truly ARE our SUNSHINE!  

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, Georgia!

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