Friday, August 15, 2014

SEVEN for Sam!

Time for an interview with .......

What is your name?
S: Hi! My name is Sam!

How old are you?
S: I six.  I am almost 7.

What makes you happy?
S: I play some playdough, and squish (making the motions with her hands) with some green playdough

What makes you sad?
S: when Emily swing the bat in my face.  (a few weeks ago she accidentally got hit by a baseball bat)

What makes you scared?
S: Scary shadows in my room

What is your color?
S: My favorite color green

What is your Favorite Book?
S: Strawberry Shortcake, and even Dora and even Princesses

What is your Favorite Song?
S: My favorite song is Precious Lord

What is your favorite part about school?
S: I love play toys

What do you want to be when you grow up?
S: I want to be Rapunzel

What is your favorite animal?
S: My favorite animal is giraffes

Who is your Best Friend?
S:  My best friend is Georgia

What is your Favorite food?
S: String Cheese

What is your Favorite Drink?
S: Water

What kind of Birthday Party would you like?
S: A Rainbow Party, please Mom, I just want a Rainbow party, not a Packer Party.  (this is 3 days away from her party....we've already planned the Packer Party she has been asking for for 6 months.  awesome.)

What are you most excited about being a 7 year old?
S: I excited about my cousins coming over

What do you want to remember?
S:  I want to member I have a loose tooth

What do you want to learn this year?
S: I want to learn to read books and sing and even practice basketball

What do you like about being a big sister?
S:  I like being a big sister to take care of Colton for you and help change Colton's diaper with you.

Anything else you want to add?
S:  I want to add cupcakes and cakes and even marshmallows too!

Another year older for this Sweet n' Sassy Girl.

This past year, you have grown before our so, so many ways.

Perhaps a little less noticeable on the growth chart...
You are still the most petite of 7 year olds, but your heart is larger than I think I could even begin to describe.  If you have an emotion inside of you, it is plainly laid out for all the world to see.   Your flair for dramatics surprise and exhaust us everyday.

You LOVE with everything.  You CRY with everything.  For a little thing, YOU LIVE BIG!

Still so sweet...Dad & I can always count on you for an impromptu hug, kiss, & "I Love You"   Your gentleness with Cashton & Georgia is sporadic recently, but there is never a moment you are not willing to give to your baby brother, Colton.  From being a diaper gopher to serenading him for mommy when she just needs a few minutes, you are an incredible helper!

Over the past year, you have gone from barely writing your name to spelling out all sorts of things!  You love learning!  It brings us so much joy to see the look of accomplishment in your eyes! 

You will do BIG THINGS in this life....

You already have. 

We love you SO Very Much, Samantha Brynn!

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