Sunday, November 30, 2014

Keeping Christ in Christmas: Advent & Nativity Round-Up

'Tis the Season my friends!

The Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas Time!  I love the decor...I love the music....I LOVE the magic!  I Love everything about Christmas....and while this post is going to focus on the TRUE meaning of Christmas, I promise you that my children are plenty exposed to all the other stuff too. 
In fact, the whole purpose of me compiling this list for so WE can remember to focus on the GOOD stuff.  The MOST important stuff.
The birth of our Savior.

I've been pinning it up out if you DO have a Pinterest account, you can see even more here That's my "Advent" board.  However, I know some of you are smart enough to stay away from pinterest ;)  so here are 3 of my FAVORITE ideas in each catergory (in no particular order)  I PINNED more than this, but you'll have to go check that out for yourself ;)

TOTALLY Free!  What a generous gal!
Or how about a day by day Scripture Reading Plan?  This one is from last year.
Advent Reading Plan by Hello Mornings
Of course, with littles like we have....I still LOVE the advent Book-a-day that we do in our house.
We have secular books along side our Christian preparation for Christmas....wrapping up 25 books to open one by one in the days leading up to Christmas.  (not new...just the books we already have :)
I must say,
I better get WRAPPING if I want to do this again this year!
This was a subject I was so excited to explore, as we don't have one in our house....yet.
THIS WILL BE NEW to us this Year!
I have always enjoyed the lighting of the candles at church, but since we've been married, we haven't had one in our maybe one of these will make the cut:
Painted Votive Advent Wreath by White House Black Shutters
Or how about this Flipped over chandelier!!!!
Pretty Handy Girl is just THAT...Pretty Handy!
and this one a ESPECIALLY LOVE...because I know my friends very well
and no matter WHAT your skill level is....
THIS.  This you can do.
 Chalkboard drawn candles!
photo courtesy of
Friends.  This is my favorite part.  But let me tell you, with 4 very small children, the only Nativity set that made it out of the box in the past few years has been the PLASTIC Precious Moments one.
Sad panda.
We need more kid friendly ones until the small people in my house can learn not to break things...(so 18 years or so)
Oh Holy Night Nativity Set from Caravan
you pay for the download of the ADORABLE are these!
Or maybe you're into more minimalistic approach
Like this
RIVER STONE version!
 Artist: kcLinn
This site has instructions to build your OWN set! 
You are Welcome.
If you are a member of my family, look away now.  These will most likely be part of our Christmas gifting this year:
Clothespin Nativity Ornaments from Shaken Together

Here's another FREEBIE for ya:
The Felt Patterns to these adorable Nativity Ornaments can be found here:
This idea might just BLOW your MIND.
Check out how the girls from SewCakeMake make floating images in glass blubs:

As you probably know (if you've been around here awhile)  I'm a sucker for handprint/footprint art
See Turkey & Snowflakes

So I swooned when I saw this Handprint Manger by Crafty Morning

and who doesn't have popsicle sticks they could dress up?
This idea from like a pretty petunia

or...if you need some window art...
This shapes suncatcher is super fun from No Time for Flash Cards

 Can we all just agree that rustic and manger scences just go together?!?!
Then you'll like these as much as I do:

From Beyond the Picket Fence
and my personal FAVE
Mary, Joseph, AND Baby Jesus!
We've been very blessed in our little family that up until this year (our oldest being 7) we haven't had to reign in the Christmas Crazy.  However, this year, I feel as though we may have to work a little extra at SHARING the TRUE Meaning of Christmas will the littles.
Here are 3 of the ideas we are going to try at our house this year:
That's not ALL!  I've pinned a whole lot more HERE
(just couldn't fit all the goodness in one post)
What about you?
How do you Keep Christ in Christmas in your home?
Have any traditions you'd like to share?

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