Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Metallic Handprint Turkey

We have so much to be Thankful for in our house....
I mean...with the busy,busy life of having 4 little turkeys of our own:

To capture the tiniest parts of our lives this year....Grandma and I thought we would put it right up there on the wall!

Are you thankful from your hands....

All the way down to your toes?

You can do it too!
We started out with thrifted pictures that we just painted the glass black.
Then one by one each kiddo had a turn to handprint (of course you'll have to guide them gently where you'd like them to be placed) also let each layer dry before the next one goes ;)

Sam in gold went first...
Cash in silver....

Georgia in bronze...
Colt in a different shade of gold with the cute little baby foot turkey body :)

Then I lettered it in Gold!!!

How fun would this be as a Thanksgiving Day project with your family?!?!?

We pray you have a Blessed Thanksgiving with all your Turkeys too!

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