Monday, August 17, 2015

The Great Eight for Sam

Our Sweet as Strawberry Pie, Sam, is EIGHT today.

and the interview with the little lady went as follows:

Sam, what do you want to do, now that you're going to be eight?

I wanna practice my shooting the basketballs.

What makes you happy?

When daddy puts me on his shoulders and carries me around.

What makes you sad?

When I am all alone, and nobody is playing with me.

What makes you excited?

When mommy gives me hugs 

Favorite color:  Orange  ***honestly, this is the first time I heard that

Favorite food:  Bagels

Favorite drink:  Water, but with no ice

Favorite animal: Giraffe

Favorite song:  "Hairy Perry"  (Katy Perry)  "Baby you're a FIREWORK!"

Favorite Book:  Llama, Llama

Favorite Movie:  Rapunzel

Favorite TV show:  Elsa

Samantha,  you make the world brighter.  

Celebrating your birthday with your cousins at the campground this year was as simple as a cake and the birthday song.   You sat quiet and still as the round of "Happy Birthday to You" rang out among our blew out the candles...

and stared a bit lost at us all.  You were patiently waiting for us to sing the "How Old are You?" verse.  We began, and you directed!
That smile, and that giggle.....I pray you never loose your joy, sweet girl.  We all were treated to the SOLO of "I'm Eight Years Old!"....and your night was complete.
Of course there was the cake & the gifts, but you asked if you could go to loved your birthday as it was already.  
SO simple.  
So innocent.  
My heart explodes.  

(don't worry, your cousins didn't let you go to sleep without opening your presents)

This past year you have grown so much!  Reading & Writing is becoming easier everyday....and although you struggle, you've made LEAPS of GAINS at school.  You are about to embark on the 2nd Grade, and we are so SO SO proud of you! 

May the LORD Bless you today, and everyday after, 
Samantha Brynn.
We Love you!

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